Seluk- Beluk Corporate Ethics Pada PT. Alpen Food Industry

Eksploitasi Pekerja Dibalik “Kenikmatan” Es Krim Aice

  • Ratih Frayunita Sari Badan Narkotika Nasional RI Jakarta


In conducting its business, the corporation stands in corporate ethics and involves many things are about human rights, labor standards or workers, and relationships with the corporate environment. Ideally corporate ethics also puts workers as one form of social responsibility to represent a healthy or not as a company. PT Alpen Food Industry (AFI), a subsidiary of Aice Group Holdings Pte.Ltd Singapore produces Aice ice cream. The company ran into many aspects of ethical and legal (the laws) violations. This paper will discuss ethical violations in the business practices of PT Alpen Food Industry and elaborate on the importance of corporate ethics as a business fence. Furthermore, this paper will be classified in several sub-discussions. First, the ethical dimension approach (ethical behavior) in the corporation. Second, the dynamics in corporate ethics and public relations PT Alpen Food Industry. Third, the unethical business practices of PT Alpen Food Industry. Fourth, provide recommendations on the importance of government regulatory sharpening involved in the business practices of PT Alpen Food Industry to encourage corporate ethics in accordance with the laws and ethical standards of corporate ethics.     

Keywords : the laws, labor, industry, regulation, public relations



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